Sunday, 7 October 2012

I've been busy , but too lazy to update my blog

 This is my take on the 'bird and trout' style of knife , I have called them 'Frog and lizard ' . The top one has olive scales , the bottom one has walnut (Thanx Stew)

The steel is 3mm 01 and the overall length is 220mm
 This little box cutter has been christened 'The 4 spotted toad' and was made from a farriers rasp

 The top one in this pic is called ' The newt ' and has a matching Kiridashi , made from an off cut of 01

Walnut scales with brass pins and tube
 Another kiridashi made from a piece of rasp called 'the Leech
 and then a flat ground bushy with orange liners and wenge scales , called 'The salamander'
and lastly another little box cutter called ' The chameleon '

I have now started naming my blades (cos its fun ) as well as making templates so that I can reproduce the shapes if I'm asked to .

This is a 'frog and lizard ' with a matching fork

The kiridashi's are always going to be one offs because they are made from offcuts and I work with the shape of the piece of steel