Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Another nessmuk part 2

Just finished this one , using the GITD 'micarta' on the 3mm 01 nessi blade .
the scales are held on with epoxy and 4 mm brass pins

overall length is about 220mm

the blade is 105mm long with a 22 degree bevel and a micro bevel

orange satin liners . I was hoping the orange GITD powder would show up a bit better giving the impression that the liners were shining through the hessian , but it doesn't really glow for very long .
I will try and get a photo later .


  1. Very nice Warren. Not quite sure I would class it as a Nessmuk but I can certainly see the influence of it.

    It would be nice to see you spending a bit more time on the flats of the blade, taking out the scratches from manufacturing the ground flat stock.

  2. Thanx for the comment Stew , it was designed around a mixture of a nessmuk , bushy and canadian belt knife . I thought it looked most like a nessi , so thats what I called it.
    The next few knives I make are going to be all nice and shiny