Saturday, 4 August 2012

The first few pieces from my new workshop

Although mu workshop is still far from complete I have been making a few things

First was a few bits of hessian 'micarta' for a Britishblades forum member

and then a bushy shaped file knife , although I flat ground the blade , I think it looks better than a scandi grind . The scales are wenge with home made  orange 'micarta ' liners

I do admit to cheating a bit with the liners . The problem with using old files is that you need to flatten the teeth , you never get tang completely flat with a belt grinder . This makes fitting the scales a pain .
So the answer is to make the liners by compressing the wet cloth between the scales and tang and letting the resin harden to get  a perfect fit

  these are two blades that I knocked up for the show , but didn't get chance to handle until now

The scales are lace wood (just a fancy name for plane tree) and padauk

these will be getting KYDEX neck sheaths in the next week before being offered for sale on British blades 

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