Wednesday, 6 April 2011

An hour in my garage

I finally got some steel from Cromwell's last night ,so I got stuck in after work today .
I don't normally use templates , but i thought i would have a try.
The steel is 3mm 01 flat ground stock.

All marked out with a black 'Sharpie' and ready for cutting out.

Roughly cut out with an angle grinder with a thin cutting disc.

All profiled and ready for the grinding of the bevels.

All set up and ready for grinding . I have marked a centre line where the edge is going to be and put a home made clamp on the blade to keep the plunge line even . My little jig made from an old spirit level is set at 11 degrees to give an angle 22 degrees on the final bevel.

My little grinder

This must be the most difficult blade Ive ground so far, there are just to many curves,but I think the bevels have come out all right

Just setting up the tool rest to grind the tang and the swedge.

Grinding the swedge.

Grinding the tang.
Two 4mm holes and a 6.5 mm hole are dilled for the pins and lanyard tube . I drill a few more holes in the tang to get rid of some weight .

It's now ready for heat treatment . Hopefully I will get chance to get it done tomorrow.

I hope you found it interesting and thanks for looking


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