Saturday, 2 April 2011

My first post so bear with me


This my first post on my new blog , so I'm not to really sure that I'm doing it right.

Anyway this is going to be a blog about the knives I make and how I make them .
To start with I would like to thank all the people over on British Blades for all the information and support they have given me since I took the first steps on the very slippery slope known as 'KNIFE MAKING'.
If you have ever considered making your own knife 'British Blades' is the place to go for info and help

These are the latest ones to come from my workshop.
They are both made from 4mm thick 01 tool steel
hardened and tempered by me . The handle scales are yew and cocobolo with brass pins and lanyard tube 

Anyway thanks for having a look and feel free to comment

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  1. Nice blog - you're defiantly doing it right
    Saw your link off BB
    Adding you to my blog roll